Your Simple Guide to Storing Your Lash Adhesive and Maximizing Its Lifespan

Using a fantastic lash adhesive is one of the most important steps to creating your vision of the perfect lash set. At LashCat, our range of lash adhesive gives you that flair and hold without the annoying eye irritation - so if you are just getting started on your lash set journey or a seasoned lash vet, you’ll need to know the right rules to storing your glue!

Your glorious lash set and photography skills won’t matter if your lash glue isn’t functioning at optimal strength, that is why we’re going to teach you the proper way to store your lash adhesive.


If you have an unopened bottle of lash adhesive, follow these steps:

  • Always store the adhesive on its own, as some ingredients might be harmful if combined with other ingredients or it may degrade the strength of the glue over time.
  • Keep your adhesive in a temperate environment, as extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on its physical lifespan.
  • Place your adhesive away from direct sunlight - a drawer or cupboard is one of the most suited places.
  • Do not use lash adhesives that have been stored longer than four months.


If you have an opened bottle of lash adhesive, follow these steps:

  • Store your opened lash container in a bit cooler temperatures than an unopened bottle, as ingredients are highly fragile and cannot mix with any airborne chemicals.
  • Keep away from temperatures that exceed 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Don’t store with any other products, that may include primers or cleansers, that can potentially interfere with the strength of the adhesive.
  • Replace every 35 days to prevent any instances of eye irritation or exceeding expiry dates.
  • Ensure the adhesive container is locked tight after each use and that the nozzle is clean and unblocked for an easy application the next time you use it.


How do I clean my adhesive nozzle?

A clogged adhesive nozzle is the last thing you’ll want to deal with when you’re applying your lash set. Your best chances at a clean nozzle begin with a cotton-free wipe to clean your lash glue nozzle each and every time you use the adhesive. Wipe away any residue and use a lint-free wipe to carefully remove any leftover glue from your bottle and you’re set for success the next time you reach for the container!


We offer a wide variety of incredible lash glue solutions!

Congrats, you are on your way to becoming a lash adhesive expert! You can shop our full range of lash products, including our amazing line of Lash Glue bottles, or anything else you need to ensure that your lashes remain fab for however long you want!


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