Is Getting a Lash Lift Safe If You’re Pregnant? We’ll ‘Deliver’ the News!

Congrats! While you’re expecting to bring a wonderful and cute little addition to the world, you’re also wondering if that lash lift is completely safe to get while you’re pregnant. While nothing is ever 100% safe, we at Lash Cat, want all the happy expecting mommies out there to feel and look their best even when you’re feeling in a funk!

If you were getting a lash lift pre-baby bump, and you were hooked on the results and how stunning it made you feel, you’re going to want to get one ASAP. You’re excited to meet your little baby while we answer the hard-hitting question - can pregnant women get lash lifts?


Some things to consider...

We’re beauty experts, not doctors. So our advice is to always ask your physician first if a lash lift is in the cards when you’re pregnant. While there is a large portion of beauty procedures that are a complete NO-NO while you’re pregnant, a lash lift is on the safer side. Due to the treatment being a non-invasive and safe aesthetic procedure that uses cream products to lift lashes and is coupled with a lash tint that won’t contain a lot of harsh chemicals.


Here are some things you should consider before getting your lash lift:

  • You may notice a slower lash growth
  • Consider if you have any current allergies or sensitivities that may arise during the treatment
  • Consider if you will be comfortable on your back for the duration of the procedure


If you do get a lash lift while pregnant, we highly recommend going to a lash specialist

They can give you the peace of mind that includes:

  • Quick and efficient treatment, without leaving you questioning the quality of your lift
  • They can advise you on the proper after care and give you valuable advice after your leave the salon
  • They;re highly trained to handle a variety of lashes, including super sensitive ones that may arise from preganancy hormones


(Baby) Bump your confidence with a professional lash lift!

You are a beautiful individual, and while pregnancy is a wonderful thing, you can feel not your best some days. At Lash Cat, we believe everyone should have the option of getting the safe treatments they want to feel at their peak while staying safe. As always, do your research and consult with your physician before your lash lift. When you get the green light, we’ll be right here with a whole range of products!


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